Buying a House… Part 7 (The Title Company)

While you were celebrating your victory over being the winning offer, your real estate agent was in a rush, scheduling the inspection with the inspector of your choosing, delivering the option and earnest money checks to the seller and the title company, and getting copies of the contract to your chosen lender, the title company, and, of course, to you!  But now that the inspection report findings have been addressed and negotiated successfully, all of those people kick into high gear.

Buying a House… Part 2 (The house hunt!)

"This one might seem like a no-brainer to some people, if it looks like crap, don't buy it.  Hold yer horses!  Not everyone is out for the same thing in a house and if the location is more important to you than the condition of the property, sometimes ugly houses are just the thing to get you where you want to be!  If you're handy, or know some one who is, and are thinking that a "fixer upper" is the right choice for you, I'm all about it.  In fact, I bought my first home in the area years ago, fixed it up myself, and made quite a bit when I sold it 3 years later, so that was the right choice for me. (I can totally help you do the same thing, just ask.)  "


About Real Estate.... BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE APARTMENT! It has come up more recently lately, and it may just be the time of year, but folks are calling me in a bit of a panic.  They gave their 60 day notice to the apartment complex that they are moving out and now they are having … Continue reading BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE APARTMENT!

What We Wish You Knew About Real Estate…. Pre-Qualifications, Pre-Approvals & Proof of Funds

Being an active, working Realtor here in Texas, one of the many questions I get asked is about getting pre-approved prior to finding a home and why that's important.  Admittedly, this question most often comes when I get a phone call from one of my signs or marketing and the person on the other end … Continue reading What We Wish You Knew About Real Estate…. Pre-Qualifications, Pre-Approvals & Proof of Funds